Summa Equity celebrates two years as a Certified B Corp

We are very excited to celebrate the two-year anniversary of Summa as a Certified B Corp.

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Summa was one of the earliest companies in the Nordics and one of only a hand-full of private equity firms to meet the standard. Certified B Corps are leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. The movement represents a desire to make business a more positive force for the future of the world.

We had two main goals when we started our journey. Firstly, we wanted to aim for a high standard and promote the B Corp ideal as the way forward in our industry, as well as for businesses in general. Secondly, we wanted to get an objective view of our own performance as an investor focused on positive change. Through the rigorous certification process we examined the approach and outcomes related to our core stakeholder groups; portfolio companies, LPs, employees, suppliers, our communities and the environment. By using the B Impact Assessment, we learned a lot about the opportunity to enhance our impact by improving and building upon our current processes.

When we started learning about B Corps five years ago, the B movement in the Nordics was still in its infancy. Today it is a rapidly growing community with more than 100 companies certified. We are excited to be part of this story and will continue developing our approach and learning more about how to make business and investment a greater force for good!


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