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Changing Demographics

We see inequality in healthcare

The quality of healthcare is inconsistent, with variations in treatment outcomes both between and within countries and among providers. Additionally, there are unmet patient needs due to
a lack of appropriate therapeutic and diagnostic solutions. To make matters worse, healthcare costs are rising along with increasing and inefficient expenditures.

Key megatrends

Aging demographics, global population growth and new diseases.

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Investment range

EUR 40 - 200m

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Impacted SDGs

SDG 17

What are the challenges?

Variable quality of care

Treatment outcomes vary between and within countries and providers.

Large variance in cancer survival rates globally, e.g., ~8x variance for stomach cancer.

Unmet patient needs

Lack of appropriate therapeutic and diagnostic solutions.

¼ of all deaths are premature and more than 95% of rare disease patients lack an FDA-approved treatment.

Rising healthcare costs

Increasing and wasteful healthcare expenditure.

Costs are growing at 1–2 p.p. above GDP, e.g., 30%+ of expenditure is estimated to be waste in advanced healthcare systems.

What are the solutions?

Characterize and quantify biological molecules and their translation into function of an organism, in order to improve diagnosis and treatment.

Change molecules and biological systems for improved health.

Main outcomes

• People have access to predictable, equal and affordable care

• Diseases are effectively diagnosed, prevented and treated

• Improved insights, productivity, and workflows

Where do we play?

Health system – patients, providers, payors, governments

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