Funds focused on impact

As the population and economy grow and technology transforms society, we face increasing challenges. However, these challenges provide tremendous opportunities as making the world more future-proof requires us to adopt new and innovative solutions.

Summa seeks to invest in and develop companies that provide these solutions. The binding element of Summa’s investment strategy is that our portfolio companies deliver products or services with a meaningful alignment and value creation strategy towards the UN’s SDG framework within three investment themes: Resource Efficiency, Changing Demographics and Tech-Enabled Transformation. The funds are supported by a diverse base of institutional investors.

Fund structure

Summa has three live funds, Summa Equity Fund I, Summa Equity Fund II, and Summa Equity Fund III, established and domiciled in Sweden. The fund vehicles and their manager are regulated by, and under the supervision of, the Swedish Financial Supervising Authority (SFSA).

The fund manager (Summa Equity) will act as manager in accordance with the Swedish Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (2013:561), the Swedish implementation of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (2011/61/EU).

The Summa Equity funds acts through its manager and typically invest through special purpose vehicles (SPVs), see simplified chart over a Summa fund structure. Summa Equity is responsible for all investment and divestment decisions.

The Summa Equity advisory entities established in Norway, Germany and the US are operated independently and acts as sub-advisors providing non-binding advice and recommendations to the manager.


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