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Why Summa?

As the population and economy are growing, and technology transforms society, we are faced with increasing challenges. These challenges, however, provide tremendous opportunities as making the world more future-proof require us to adopt new and innovative solutions.

Summa seeks to invest in and develop companies that provide these solutions. Through their products or services, these companies aim to reduce climate change, mitigate resource scarcity, improve education, health and well-being or provide sustainable energy sources.

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2020 Highlights

The start of a new year is a wonderful time for reflection, to look at the past, and to imagine adventures for the year ahead. 2020 was a challenging year but also brought us many memorable moments. Here are three of our highlights.
Our view

Infobric closed acquisitions

Infobric closed the acquisitions of Equipmentloop and Buildsafe, two fast-growing Swedish construction software companies.

Summa awarded by Real Deals

The award recognizes the overall achievement of buyout houses focused on a particular region of the Continental market.

Meet the new Summates

We are excited to welcome three new Summates; Sebastian Greve Sunde, Marika Vitiä and Martin Gjølme. Why did they want to join Summa, and what was the last book they read?

Sortera acquires Vaihtolava

Sortera Group has acquired Vaihtolava, a Finnish company within logistics and sorting of construction material.

Reynir in Real Deals

Summas' founder say it’s time to ask whether your business is part of the problems facing the world or part of the solution.

Reynir in Financial Times

In a Letter to the Editor of The Financial Times, Reynir Indahl responded to Robert Armstrong’s criticism of ESG investing.

Highlight: Rebecca Henderson

At our Annual Investor Meeting, we had the honor of having Rebecca Henderson as a special guest. See the full interview with Reynir.

Summa Equity acquires Sengenics

Summa Equity has acquired a majority stake in Sengenics to advance precision medicine through proteomics.

SDG Impact Standards available

The Standards are being designed to help businesses make a positive contribution towards achieving the SDGs by 2030.


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Portfolio Report 2019

This year, we have further aligned our reporting with the norms defined by the Impact Management Project (IMP). This is part of our effort to continuously improve the clarity and quality of our portfolio report. While the norms are integrated into our screening process for new investments, we have in the portfolio report leveraged the IMP framework more clearly to improve our external stakeholder communication.