Stephanie Caspar joins Summa Equity

Summa Equity welcomes new Partner Stephanie Caspar to the position of Head of Portfolio and Via Summa.

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Stockholm, 08 February 2023: Summa Equity (“Summa”,, welcomes new Partner Stephanie Caspar, most recently a divisional president and executive board member at media and technology company Axel Springer SE, to the position of Head of Portfolio and Via Summa.

Central to the Summa mission is investing in companies which have the potential to outperform financially while helping solve environmental, social and governance challenges. Summa takes an active and collaborative approach to ownership, which is called Via Summa – Caspar will lead this crucial work.

Via Summa gives portfolio companies access to highly qualified board members and expert advisers in everything from data analytics to branding and sales. Caspar will support portfolio companies with strategy and planning as well as M&A and operations.

Beyond these fundamentals, Caspar will work on portfolio companies’ impact creation through products and services that help society solve some of the environment challenges; achieve better social outcomes; or build more transparency and improved governance.

On joining Summa, Head of Portfolio and Via Summa Stephanie Caspar, said: “I am overjoyed to join Summa and lead the Via Summa work. The Summa thesis is inspirational, and I look forward to working closely with portfolio companies on helping them reach the next level, in our quest to co-create value and impact.”

Caspar started her career at McKinsey & Company where she was an engagement manager, associate, and fellow, in a five-year period before joining eBay. At eBay Caspar was head of category management and then director consumer experience over another five-year spell. Caspar was then founder and CEO of German retail company mirapodo from 2009 until 2013, at which point she joined Axel Springer. In her almost decade at Axel Springer, Caspar was managing director, president technology and data, president news media national and technology and president classifieds media, in addition to being an executive board member since 2018.

"Via Summa is a central foundation of our success and we are delighted to welcome Stephanie to lead this vital aspect of our work. The team at Summa believes that impact performance is critical to future value, and Stephanie will work closely with Summa portfolio companies to deliver that. She brings remarkable and unique experience, which will enormously benefit our portfolio companies."

Founder and Managing Partner, Reynir Indahl

In January 2022, Summa announced its third fund – a EUR 2.3 billion impact fund, which is to be invested in companies which solve the biggest challenges the world is facing. Summa invests in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (“UN SDGs”). Munich-based Summa Partner Matthias Fink leads operations in the DACH region.

To date, Summa has made 30 investments that advance the UN SDGs. Summa is committed to pushing the limits on quantifying positive impact through its collaboration with the Impact Weighted Accounts (IWA) project at Harvard Business School. Summa is a certified B Corporation.


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Hannah Gunvor Jacobsen, Partner, COO and Head of IR at Summa Equity


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