Meet our new Summates

We are excited to introduce three new Summates; Sebastian Greve Sunde, Marika Vitiä and Martin Gjølme. Why did they want to join Summa, and what book do they keep on the nightstand?

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Sebastian Greve Sunde

Why Summa? I am very excited to be part of Summa, passionate about our strategy and philosophy, and confident that solving global challenges will be a key contributor to superior returns over the coming decades.

Prior to joining Summa, I worked at The Boston Consulting Group in London and New York – focusing on Private Equity, TMT, and Sustainability. I hold an MSc in Finance from the London School of Economics and a BSc in Business Management from King’s College London.

As a Summate, I will help our portfolio companies create value and reach their fullest potential. As part of the investment team, I will also assess new investment opportunities.

The last book I read, was Rebecca Henderson, Reimagining Capitalism. I don’t think I will do the book justice by summing it up, but it outlines how capitalism needs to change if we are to build a just and sustainable world. Businesses and purpose-driven organizations such as Summa can make a difference. And no matter how big or small Summa will be in the future, we’ll at least be trying.

Curious to learn more about Rebecca’s book? At our AIM, the author shared key insights from the book, in a conversation with Reynir.

Marika Vitiä

Why Summa? Summa is a powerful opportunity for me to make a deeper contribution to the future and life of fellow humans, in addition to the personal choices I make every day.

Prior to joining Summa, I worked in private equity, most recently with investments in health care services. I started my career in banking at Morgan Stanley.

As a Summate, I will focus on opportunities within the Changing Demographics Investment theme.

The last book I read, was Wild Swans – Daughters of China written by Jung Chang. It’s a family history of three generations of strong females living in China over the past century. It gives you one perspective on how China has developed into what it is today and also how the role of females has changed and how they have gained respect in a shifting period of history. Lots of universal topics that are relevant today. It is interesting to look back in history to see how we have repeated and solved challenges in the past.

Martin Gjølme

Why Summa? Working in Summa allows me to combine my desire to generate positive externalities that are fully aligned with growth, creating both value and positive impact.

Prior to joining Summa, I have spent the bulk of my career following my passion for working with businesses from early-stage start-ups, growth/scale-ups to mature organizations in their development and paths to value creation. Through these experiences, I have gained skills in managing growth companies and companies in need of change and strategic review, always looking for new ways of creating value, working at McKinsey, 3i Private Equity and Sole Kapital.

As a Summate, and partner at Summa Equity, I will lead our execution effort within the Resource Efficiency theme.

The last book I read, was The Man who solved the market; The unbelievable story of a secretive mathematician who pioneered the era of the algorithm – and made $23 billion doing it. The book showcases how advanced analytics and machine power can be leveraged to solve business problems and uncovering insights faster and more easily. I’m an Advocate of the philosophy of augmented intelligence for the human domain expert, i.e., machine intelligence and human intelligence collaborating to solve real-world business problems.


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