Tommi Unkuri

Investment Team

I am responsible for our work within the Changing Demographics theme. I have spent almost all of my career as a healthcare investor, and at Summa I work with companies across the theme, to support them in their development and paths to value creation. Within the Changing Demographics theme and in particular in the healthcare space, there is a large number of companies that fit our investment strategy, that have strong growth prospects and that are well positioned to bring value to our societies.

I am a strong supporter of the philosophy and strategy behind Summa. The world needs better solutions and a commitment by the business community, if we are to solve the challenges our societies face. Within the Changing Demographics theme, it is criticial for a business to be aligned with the interest of its stakeholders, and ensure that value accrues to the community it serves. Such a business is likely to be inherently more sustainable and successful also financially in the long term than other businesses.

 In the past I have worked with healthcare investments at Nordic Capital, and for Morgan Stanley