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Summa Equity acquires Intix, a Belgium fintech company to accelerate smart and real-time compliance and transaction monitoring

Summa Equity Fund III has made its first investment with the acquisition of Intix, a transaction and compliance insight platform for the financial sector. Intix will contribute to a safer, transparent, and more inclusive financial system, helping reduce illicit financial flows, corruption, and financial inequities.

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March 1st, 2022, Stockholm/Oslo/Munich: Summa Equity Fund III (“Summa”) has acquired a majority stake in Intix, a Belgium fintech company that delivers a high-performance and unique insight platform to ensure operational excellence, enabling a quantum leap in transaction monitoring and transparency for financial institutions. The first acquisition done by Fund III builds on Summa Equity’s proven track record of incorporating the UN SDG framework in shaping the investment and value creation strategy to drive long-run value. Summa Equity’s acquisition allows Intix to accelerate its growth and innovation, while keeping the founders on board to leverage their experience to capitalise on new business opportunities that solve global challenges.

Founded in 2011 in Mechelen, Belgium, Intix has developed a pure-play transaction insight platform. The Intix products provide financial institutions with the capability to view all their transaction data in a unified visual graphical user interface (GUI), as well as in machine readable application programming interfaces (APIs). The Intix solutions replace manual work that costs financial institutions billions of EUR each year and radically speeds up time to insight and action, as it offers tracking of transactions while identifying irregularities and issuing real-time alerts.

The need for real-time, full-resolution access to quality-assured master transaction data is business-critical for today’s financial institutions. With Intix, tier 1 and 2 banks like Nordea, Société Générale, Standard Bank of South Africa, and KBC Bank have access to end-to-end transparency and reporting, real-time surveillance, and alerts with user-friendly analytics that are easily maintained and upgraded.

Intix directly addresses SDGs #16.4 to prevent illicit financial flows and #SDG 16.5 to help reduce corruption. Preventing illicit financial flows is becoming increasingly challenging in today’s environment and poses a massive challenge to political and economic security worldwide, particularly to developing countries. Corruption, organized crime, illegal exploitation of natural resources, fraud in international trade and tax evasion are harmful to society.

Marc Braet, CEO of Intix said:

”In Summa Equity, we found the ideal partner to support our exponential growth ambitions. From the very first contact, we felt that Summa Equity shares the cultural and social values of the Intix family. We are looking forward to working together, capitalising on new business opportunities that solve global challenges.”

Gisle Glück Evensen, Partner at Summa Equity, commented:

“Money laundering and fraud are massive challenges to the financial system and the society through the activities they support. Intix have made a solution that represents a step change in monitoring and detection capabilities. We have been impressed with the team and their values and look forward to partnering with them for the next leg of the journey.”

About Intix

Intix is a leading fintech company based in Belgium that provides a transaction and compliance insight platform for the financial sector.

The company offers unique ‘off the shelf’ technology products to trace and monitor financial transaction data. Intix’s platform makes data more transparent and actionable for banks and financial institutions in payment modernization, compliance and audit.

Their client portfolio consists of Tier 1 banks all over the world, such as KBC, Nordea, Société Générale and Standard Bank of South Africa.


About Summa Equity

Summa invests in companies that are solving global challenges and creating positive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) outcomes for society.

Summa’s purpose is to co-create win-win for investors, portfolio companies, and society through aligning its vision and outcomes to the Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring a net-positive impact against ESG challenges, and the potential for long-term, sustainable outperformance.

Investments are focused on industries and companies that have tailwind from megatrends within three sustainability themes: Resource Efficiency, Changing Demographics, and Tech-Enabled Transformation. Across these themes, Summa’s portfolio companies are supporting a world in transition and showing that business can be part of the solution. Summa Equity has c. EUR 4 billion (c. SEK 40 billion) assets under management.


For interviews or more information, please contact:

Hannah Gunvor Jacobsen, Investment Director and Head of IR at Summa Equity
+47 936 41 960 | Hannah.jacobsen@summaequity.com

Marc Braet, CEO, Intix
+32-15-14.02.30 | marc.braet@intix.eu

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