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Infobric at a glance

Infobric is a construction software company with the purpose of enabling a safe, resource-efficient, and sustainable construction industry. The company offers end-to-end construction software for workforce-, contractor-, equipment- and asset-management. The company was founded in 2004 and has become the market leader in Sweden, Norway, and the UK by delivering high-quality solutions. Infobric has also started to build a presence in several other countries.

Year acquired
Construction software
EUR 62m
Investment themes
Tech-Enabled Transformation

Key developments in 2023

In 2023, Infobric focused on selective M&A processes to drive product expansion and the exit process. Five acquisitions provided a presence in the equipment rental and e-learning markets in 2023. Additionally, Summa commenced a structured exit process at the start of the year, with high interest and conversion of interest to bids. The process resulted in a majority sale to Stirling Square, in which Summa retained 16% ownership.

What are the challenges Infobric addresses

  • > 20%

    of all fatal accidents at work in the EU occurs in the construction industry

  • 1%

    productivity growth in construction sector in last two decades is lowest among all industries

How does Infobric help?

Reality today

The construction industry is defined by high rates of workplace accidents, limited labor rights, and slow growth and low efficiency compared to other industries.

Infobric approach

Infobric’s digital solutions radically improve the management of construction workers and equipment, helping reduce workplace accidents, fraud, and undocumented labor, while contributing to drive environmental impact for customers.

Aspirational future

The construction industry is safe and supportive for workers, sustainable for the environment, and free of fraud with a higher degree of productivity.

Who is impacted?

Construction workers, including full-time and contract labor, are protected when companies use Infobric’s solutions. Society at large also benefits as the construction industry adopts less fraudulent and more sustainable practices.


As one the most prominent players within construction tech in Northern Europe, Infobric is uniquely positioned to support the transition in the construction industry towards safety, efficiency, and sustainability.


Infobric manages personal data, making safeguarding data privacy and security paramount. While unlikely, the illicit use and back-solving of the software are potential scenarios for non-compliance with legislation.

SDG alignments

  • Economic growth
  • Innovation and infrastructure
  • Peace and justice

Press release

Summa Equity announces the sale of its majority stake in Infobric to Stirling Square

Stockholm, 21th June 2023: Summa Equity, a purpose-driven thematic investment firm, today announces the sale of its majority stake in Infobric, a leading provider of software solutions for the European construction industry, to Stirling Square Capital Partners (“Stirling Square”) a pan-European mid-market private equity firm.

KPI reporting

Revenue (EURm)

Change from '22-'23: 8%


Number of construction sites using­ Infobric’s Waste and Emission module

Target 2030: 50% of HMSREGs customers to utilize waste or emissions solution


The number of sites utilizing the Waste and Emission module, helps assess the impact of­ environmentally responsible construction practices.

Number of safety inspections made on site


This measures the total count of safety­ inspections conducted on-site by clients,­ enabled by Infobric’s tools.

Number of control objects under scrutiny in Infobric Supplier Control system


This KPI tracks the number of suppliers (sub-contractors) that are actively monitored within the system