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Cleanroom Solutions for Advanced Technology Industries

G-CON at a glance

G-CON innovates and delivers unrivalled cleanroom solutions for advanced technology industries with speed, certainty, and sustainability. G-CON designs, builds, and installs pre­fabricated cleanrooms PODs for pharma biotech companies providing a fully functional clean room that is easy to install, has a lower total cost of ownership, faster delivery times, and more consistent quality. G-CON acquired Plasteurop to further its footprint into the site-installed clean components market, providing components for the life science, semi-conductor, and battery market, expanding our offering and market opportunities.

Life science
Investment themes
Changing Demographics

Key developments in 2023

During 2023 the company has strengthened the organization through strategic changes and hires into the leadership team. The focus has changed to building the pipeline within the advanced technology industries and not just focusing on biotech, pharma and CDMO industries. Furthermore, the company is in the process of expanding its modular wall panel and doors production to the US to service the market locally, in addition to current operations in Europe.

What are the challenges G-CON addresses

  • ~ 25x

    more energy is consumed by cleanrooms than non-classified spaces of comparative scale

  • ~ 1-3

    years average time from project conception to drug availability on the market

How does G-CON help?

Reality today

Cleanroom construction for advanced technology is complicated, and the process of designing, sourcing and building a facility is complex and inefficient, resulting in unreliable delivery schedules and budgets.

G-CON approach

G-CON’s portfolio of modular and PODular solutions reduces variability and lead times, while providing the highest quality and certainty of cost and schedule for facility projects.

Aspirational Future

The rapid and reliable deployment of manufacturing capability in advanced technology industries through industry adoption of prefabricated facility solutions that are responsibly produced, efficient in operation and have durable value that encourages re-use.

Who is impacted?

Advanced technology industry manufacturers are impacted directly through more rapid and efficient deployment of cleanroom facilities to provide infrastructure and capabilities to support their critical operations.


G-CON’s innovative cleanroom solutions disrupt traditional lengthy and inefficient on-site construction approaches, contributing to the ability of critical industries to develop, manufacture, and distribute advanced technology products more rapidly.


G-CON’s impact on advanced technology manufacturing is dependent on two key drivers: 1: increased adoption of prefabricated, and modular cleanroom solutions and 2: industry funding and investment in new facility infrastructure to support capacity requirements.

SDG alignment

  • Good health
  • Innovation and infrastructure

Impact KPIs

Total recordable incident rate


Total recordable incident rate measures the frequency of workplace incidents resulting in injury, illness, or other recordable events per total number of hours worked.

Total cleanroom space (sqm)


Total cleanroom space (sqm) measures the total manufacturing area in square meters, ­ dedicated to cleanroom facilities within advanced­ technology industries.