Unites companies from healthcare and life sciences

Velsera at a glance

Velsera is a consolidation of three leading companies within digital diagnostics, bioinformatics, healthcare data and advanced analytics enabling better healthcare, diagnostics and precision medicine. The group has its HQ in the USA with more than 800 employees across the globe.

Velsera unites established, leading companies from healthcare and life sciences to advance and accelerate the work of both domains. The group's operating companies are Seven Bridges, Pierian and UgenTec. All companies will remain actively engaged with existing customers, enhance current offerings, accelerate new offerings and bring integrated solutions to market as the leading provider of global omics and insights.

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Healthcare technology


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UgenTec brings sample flow intelligence to advance modern molecular diagnostics across routine and research applications. UgenTec software and AI solutions deliver workflow automation, result calling at scale and real-time insights for the digital, connected lab.

Pierian is a global leader in clinical genomics technology and services supporting a network of laboratories around the globe. Pierian curates the world’s genetic knowledge and offers sophisticated analysis tools to allow for rapid, concise clinical reporting. Its advanced interpretation technology uses adaptive learning algorithms to connect diverse sources of information through machine learning to ensure NGS results are comprehensive and up to date.

Seven Bridges enables researchers to extract meaningful insights from multiomic, phenotypic and other high throughput data modalities. The Seven Bridges ecosystem consists of a scalable, secure multi-cloud analytic platform, petabytes of connected biomedical data and expert on-demand professional services.

Key developments in 2022

In 2022, Velsera was formed by bringing three leading companies together. A new executive leadership team was established and the Velsera brand was created by combining the best of each of the three businesses. The covid effects on the company were limited in 2022 and the group experienced continuous growth.

Impact dimensions

The challenges we face

Healthcare systems face great challenges in patient outcome quality and waste related to ineffective treatments. In 2022, 9.5% of OECD GDP was spent on healthcare, and the total healthcare spend (USD 1.9tn) is estimated to represent waste in the system. The ongoing shift to precision medicine is a momentous change in healthcare. New data- and analytics technologies can enable providers to identify unique disease risks and treatments that will work best for the individual. This can ensure that the right treatment is delivered to the right patient at the right time, resulting in improved patient outcomes and efficiency.


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Total healthcare spend estimated to represent waste in the system

What is the outcome?

Velsera connects healthcare and life sciences to reveal the true promise of precision medicine—a continuous flow of knowledge between researchers, scientists and clinicians around the world, creating insights that radically improve human health. The company powers this ecosystem of insight with data made actionable by technology solutions that accelerate R&D, democratize omics and provide bedside analytics to improve patient outcomes.

Who are the stakeholders?

Velsera's customers are primarily (bio)pharma, biotech, clinical diagnostics companies, healthcare providers and academia in the US and Europe. The group is trusted by 9 out of 10 top biopharma as well as national governments to power secure discovery using health and omics data. By providing data driven insights, Velsera also enables its customers to accelerate better care for patients.

How big is the effect, and does it last?

Hundreds of large customers use Velsera to enable better healthcare, diagnostics and precision medicine. The company has already automated over 1/3 of all COVID-19 testing in Europe, affecting a large group of patients globally. Velsera also supports 16K+ global researchers collaborating with federated data sets and transformative algorithms. This secures new innovations, improving quality of care and treatment efficiency for patients in the long run.

If Velsera didn’t exist…

The Velsera group enables a data driven integrated value chain for better healthcare. Without Velsera, the data driven development in healthcare, diagnostics and precision medicine would be slower and more costly. This could negatively impact all stakeholders, especially patients in need of care.

Impact risk: what can go wrong?

Quality of data, insights and analytical capabilities will be critical for Velsera to deliver on. If Velsera cannot deliver the required quality, its customers will likely stop using its products, slowing down the data driven development in healthcare, diagnostics and precision medicine.