Online auction platform for used business equipment

TBAuctions at a glance

TBAuctions (“TBA”), Europe's leading digital auction platform for B2B used goods, operates with over 1,000 team members across the Nordics, Benelux, UK, and Continental Europe. Embracing the belief that "Everything Has Value," TBA utilizes technology, automation, and economies of scale to streamline auction processes.

Their proprietary platform, ATLAS, facilitates intelligent, cross­border auctions, enhancing user experience through self-service and precise matching of supply and demand. TBA champions sustainable global trade, annually auctioning millions of local products worldwide.

Year acquired



Online Auctions


EUR 180 m


The Netherlands



Investment themes

Resource Efficiency

Gross profit

EUR 131m

Key developments in 2023

In 2023, TBA has developed with focus on M&A, recruiting, ATLAS and organizational improvements. 2023 acquisitions include FMJ Salg/NFE, DAB and EPIC, which have strengthened TBA’s position in Norway, Netherlands, and Denmark. On recruiting, new CEO, CHRO, CTO and Head of Data started in 2023, and the migration to the ATLAS platform is progressing. Lastly, price and cost improvements are underway to ensure growth and profitability across brands.

What are the challenges TBAuctions addresses


estimated increase in global raw material usage by 2060, causing severe environmental damages


of GDP in advanced economies in Europe is associated with informal transactions

How does TBAuctions help?

Reality today

Unsustainable consumption leads to resource depletion as valuable assets may become unused or discarded, while reused goods often change hands through informal transactions, contributing to reduced illicit financial flows and price transparency.

TBAuctions' approach

TBA enables the reuse and re-commerce of business assets, effectively decreasing the use of natural resources and waste. In addition, the platform facilitates secure and transparent transactions and compliance in core and emerging markets, giving buyers access to more modern technology at fair pricing.

Aspirational future

A less wasteful, more circular economy that provides equal access to fair and transparent pricing while supporting a prosperous environment and biodiversity.

Who is impacted?

TBA serves approximately 33k sellers and approximately 568k bidders. These sellers and bidders are businesses and consumers primarily located in Europe.


TBA contributes to increased reuse of equipment, leading to more sustainable consumption and thereby less resource depletion and waste going to landfills. In addition, they contribute to a more transparent reused goods market.


There is a risk that reselling old machinery may become unsustainable compared to new resource-efficient machinery. Additionally, the lower price levels of used and surplus goods on auction platforms vs new goods may promote increased consumption.

SDG alignments

SDG 12
SDG 13
SDG 16

KPI reporting

Revenue (EURm)


Change from '22-'23: 10%

Number of items given a second life

Target 2026: 1,300,000


Number of items given a second life ­ measures how many second-hand items are sold, contributing to the reduction of waste, extension of product lifecycles, and the encouragement of a circular economy.

Total number of unique active bidders

Target 2026: 1,000,000


Total number of unique active bidders represents individuals who have placed at least one bid within the year and is an indication of the vitality in the online second-hand market.

Total number of unique active sellers

Target 2026: 62,500


Total number of unique active sellers represents individuals or entities that have listed at least one item for sale within the year and is an indication of the vitality in the online second-hand market.