Online auction platform for used business equipment

TBAuctions at a glance

TBAuctions (“TBA”) is a European online auction platform for second-hand and second chance goods with a presence across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the UK, France, and the Nordics.

TBA offers end-to-end auction services from pre-sales to post-sales to industrial and business customers, enabling goods to be reused and extending their lifetime. The auction model contributes to circular economy, meaning that less energy is used and fewer resources are depleted.

Year acquired



Online Auctions


EUR 163 m


The Netherlands



Investment themes

Resource Efficiency

Gross profit

EUR 131m

Key developments in 2022

In 2022, TBA acquired 7 companies across the Nordics, UK, and Belgium, driving NAS to 1.8x 2021 levels and enabling geographic and product expansion including yellow equipment and medical equipment. Furthermore, TBA increased integration of assets, price optimization, sustainability efforts, and strengthening the organization by adding new CFO, CCO, and Chief Transformation Officer.

The challenges we face

Unsustainable consumption leads to significant resource depletion and energy usage, and a large amount of what some perceive to be end-of-life assets end up in landfills as waste. 95% of the value of primary materials are lost after the first lifecycle.1 Second-hand and second chance goods are a solution to these issues enabling a circular economy by increasing the longevity and lifetime of already produced assets.


estimated increase in global raw material usage by 2060, causing severe environmental damages


of GDP in advanced economies in Europe is associated with informal transactions

How does TBAuctions help?

Reality today

Unsustainable consumption leads to resource depletion as valuable assets may end up being unused or discarded, while goods that are reused often change hands through informal transactions, contributing to reduced illicit financial flows and price transparency.

TBAuctions' approach

TBA enables reuse and re-commerce of goods, effectively decreasing the use of natural resources and waste generated. In addition, the platform facilitates secure and transparent transactions and compliance both in core markets but also in emerging markets, giving buyers access to more modern technology at fair pricing.

Aspirational future

A less wasteful, more circular economy that provides equal access to fair and transparent pricing while supporting a prosperous environment and biodiversity.

Who is impacted?

TBA serves approximately 52k sellers and approximately 800k bidders. These sellers and bidders are businesses and consumers primarily located in Europe.

What are the impact considerations?


If TBA didn’t exist, more waste would be going to landfills and there would be less reuse of equipment, which would lead to more unsustainable consumption and resource depletion. In addition, the reused goods market would be less transparent.


There is a risk that reselling old machinery will at one point not be sustainable as opposed to new resource-efficient machinery. Additionally, the lower price levels of used and surplus goods on auction platforms vs new goods may promote increased consumption.

SDG alignments

SDG 12
SDG 13
SDG 16

KPI reporting

Number of items given a second life

Target 2025: 2.3m


Number of new bidders

Target 2025: 554k


Number of buyers that are also sellers

Target 2025: 86k