Norway’s leading online grocery retail platform

Oda at a glance

Oda is Norway’s leading online grocery retail platform, offering a wide range of fresh and dry food, and household products at competitive prices with home delivery to its >80k customers. Oda’s mission is to be the most efficient and sustainable online grocer in the world, leveraging its best-in-class operational efficiency and its already superior food waste reduction compared to traditional grocery retailers.


Food Retail


EUR 251 m


Norway, Finland, Germany

Investment themes

Resource Efficiency

Impact dimensions

The challenges we face

Every year the global food system creates 18 billion tons of carbon emissions and is responsible for a third of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. Food waste in particular is a significant and growling global issue, representing 8-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, of which 15% comes from food waste from retail.

What is the outcome?

As a grocer, Oda improves responsible consumption and production within our food system through reduced food waste and reduced emissions. Oda’s impact is driven by operational efficiencies in its supply chain: Oda cuts emissions from food waste in half to three quarters compared to traditional grocery retailers, and reduces emissions from transportation by 13% by cutting out consumer trips to and from grocery stores.

Oda also has an opportunity to improve responsible consumption by helping consumers choose more sustainable products over time. Through the unique online platform, Oda is able to stock a wide range of sustainable products and provides consumers with information to better understand and track the sustainability of their purchases.

Who are the stakeholders?

Oda directly serves more than 80k consumers primarily in Norway, helping them access more than 25k unique products at competitive prices. Oda’s positive environmental impacts (through reduced emissions and food waste) also have indirect positive benefits for society broadly and for the environment.

How big is the effect, and does it last?

Oda’s platform reduces food waste and associated emissions by half to three quarters compared to traditional retailers, and 13% less emissions than a traditional grocer. These effects are immediate and lasting on the environment, and over time they will also help set new standards for reduced food waste and emissions from European grocers. There is also an opportunity for significant impact through changes in food consumed, as Oda helps consumers make more sustainable purchasing decisions.

If Oda didn’t exist...

If Oda didn’t exist, there would be more waste and emissions from the grocery industry. In addition, without Oda the pace of change to more efficient, lower carbon grocery models might be slower and consumers might struggle to find the same range of cost-effective products, including a growing set of sustainable product options.

Impact risk: what can go wrong?

While Oda has direct control over its own operations, it has limited control upstream and downstream the value chain. To have the greatest impact possible, Oda will have to collaborate effectively with suppliers to more towards more sustainable operations and products. Oda also has limited control over what the food customers choose to purchase, which represents a significant portion of emissions in the value chain. Oda will need to continuously iterate to offer high-quality, cost-effective, and sustainable products attractive to consumers and to identify the most effective ways to support consumers in sustainable purchasing decisions.