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myneva is a leading software solutions provider for the social sector, offering solutions for elderly, disabled, youth, and social care sectors. myneva’s products enable digital recordkeeping, administration, invoicing, quality, and staffing. The com­pany is one of the only providers offering a wide product suite across much of continental Europe, helping to build the infrastructure for affordable quality care for current and future generations of both patients and caregivers.

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Investment themes

Tech-Enabled Transformation

Key developments in 2022

myneva successfully expanded its geographic reach through the acquisition of Fastroi (Finland) and Mocca (Austria) and is making good progress in its transformation journey across technology, product and sales, while continuing the integration efforts of previous acquisitions.

The challenges we face

The population demographics are continuing to skew older across the globe. In Europe, the proportion of people aged 80+ is expected to reach 13% in the year 2070, up from 4.9% in 2016. This is also expected to bring about a 70% increase in the share of EU GDP spent on long-term care between 2016 – 2070. The increasing expenditure will only further exacerbate the pressure on the quality of long-term care which is a critical factor in maintaining and improving the quality of life. Simultaneously other areas of social care provision, such as disability and youth care will continue to require investments. As an example, mental health disorders are predicted to be among the leading causes of disease burden globally by 2030.


of Europeans aged 80+ in 2070, up from just 4.9% in 2016.


increase in the share of EU GDP spent on long-term care between 2016 and 2070.

How does myneva help?

Reality today

A growing and aging global population is putting increasing pressure on care provision, with risks to quality and out­comes for long-term care, youth care, and disability care.

Myneva approach

Myneva’s software optimizes care delivery and reduces administrative and organizational work so that providers can focus on improving quality of life and outcomes for their patients.

Aspirational future

Long-term care is more effective, efficient, and accessible, with improved health and wellbeing for the elderly, disabled, and sick.

Who is impacted?

Patients are impacted through higher quality, better organized care where myneva’s software streamlines administrative processes and thus enables caregivers to spend more time per patient. Caregivers are also positively impact­ed through a more positive, better organized caregiving experience.

What are the impact considerations?


myneva’s software is used across eight European regions and is used by over 3,600 customer organizations. At this scale, myneva is helping shape and accelerate a new standard for high-quality, efficient care delivery in Europe.


myneva works to minimize data security risks by using strict routines and protections for personal data. The impact of myneva’s solutions also depend on effective implementation and use from care organizations, which can be ensured by proper implementation and onboarding

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