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Lin Education at a glance

Lin is a specialized provider of digital devices and services to the Swedish school market with three business units – Solutions, Reuseit and Loops. Solutions is a reseller of digital tools with range of administration, insurance, support and pedagogical services. Reuseit is a “buyback” service and resale of used devices to new end-markets. Loops is a collaborative learning platform for schools and businesses.

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The challenges we face

Digitizing education and education systems is a cumbersome process and the transformation has only just begun. Schools need help to find the best way to deploy new technologies in the classroom as well as managing a more complex work environment.


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How do we solve it?

Lin has developed a complete solution for digitizing the classroom together with teaching professionals tailored to the needs of school leaders, teachers and students. In addition, Lin helps schools manage the devices throughout the lifecycle as well as extending the average device life.

How do we improve?

In 2018, Lin entered Norway with a value proposition that is well developed and proven in Sweden. Although the challenges and needs are the same, there is no equivalent to Lin in the Norwegian market. For Lin, this is a significant growth opportunity while at the same time an opportunity to drive change in Norwegian education.

Value creation

Together with Summa, Lin’s value creation plan is built around three pillars; i) optimizing the core offering by further strengthening the Swedish position and expanding the rest of Nordics, ii) building out the Reuseit business unit to let it flourish, and iii) establishing the Software portfolio with Loops and Pluttra as a standalone business unit.

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