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Infobric at a glance

Infobric is a construction software company with a purpose to enable a safe, resource-efficient and sustainable construction industry. The company offers end-to-end construction software products for workforce-, contractor-, fleet- and asset management. The company was founded in 2004 and has become the market leader in Sweden, Norway and UK by delivering high quality solutions. Infobric has also started to build presence in Finland and Denmark.

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Investment themes

Tech-Enabled Transformation

Key developments in 2021

Strong growth well ahead of plan, with full year 2021 showcasing organic growth of 16% in total, leading to 18% growth in EBITDA. The increase in EBITDA margin is largely driven by the strong growth in software, as Infobric is gradually turning more towards a pure software company and is starting to monetize the data it generates on its platform. Infobric now focuses on organic growth, as it has built a software portfolio that spans large parts of the construction value chain and has expanded internationally into the UK.

Impact dimensions

The challenges we face

The productivity in the construction sector increased by only 2% in the past two decades -no other sector has experienced lower growth. Simultaneously, more than one in five fatal accidents at work in the EU took place within the construction sector. In addition to this, there is a significant amount of undocumented labor in the sector. There is a an opportunity to improve safety, labor rights and efficiency through digitalization.

What is the outcome?

Infobric’s software solutions seek to improve sustainability, efficiency, and safety of the construction site value chain. The digital solutions ensure that only the right people have access to sites and tools, limits the ability to use illegal labor and reduces the risk for tax avoidance. Infobric also monitors customers' vehicle fleets, plants, equipment and CO₂ footprint, which is instrumental to cost optimization, tracking assets and increasing climate efficiency.

Who are the stakeholders?

Infobric's main markets are currently Sweden, Norway and the UK. Infobric has also started to build a presence in Finland and Denmark. Key impacted stakeholders are the full construction ecosystem, including construction workers and companies, as well as governments.

How big is the effect, and does it last?

About 35k active sites used Infobric’s solutions in 2021. These are operated by more than 10k companies. Infobric's mobile solutions are used daily by more than 250k construction workers, who can use it on different projects and sites.

If Infobric didn’t exist...

There is no alternative to Infobric's solutions at scale. Without Infobric on construction sites, these would face increased risk of unauthorized access and safety hazards for employees and surrounding communities. Tax avoidance would be more prevalent, and it would be easier to make use of illegal labor, harming both governments and construction workers forced to accept illicit practices and lower wages.

Impact risk: what can go wrong?

Infobric manages personal data, and as such data privacy and security are of paramount importance and must be safeguarded. Illicit use, and/or back solving the software, while unlikely, are potential scenarios for non-compliance with legislation. Infobric invests considerable amounts of capital and effort in R&D and compliance management to mitigate these risks.

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