Highly secure and compliant data storage and archiving technology solution

FAST LTA at a glance

Fast LTA is a leading German solution provider for high-security archiving, storage, and recovery of business critical and sensitive personal data. The company offers both long-term archiving and backup solutions for small to sub-enterprise customers with requirements for robust data integrity, compliance assurance, protection against data manipulation and against ransomware.

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Cyber security


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Investment themes

Tech-Enabled Transformation

Impact dimensions

The challenges we face:

  • +25% CAGR ’21-’25 rise in data generation, higher threat of cyberattacks especially through ransomware with ~60% of large German companies affected by ransomware attacks between 2022 and 2023, paired with stricter regulatory environment increase demand for data archiving solution.
  • Moreover, ~4% global electricity usage and ~1.5% of total GHG emissions is attributable to the estimated total lifecycle carbon footprint of the ICT (information and communication technology) sector for which data archiving and backup is a significant driver.

How does FAST LTA help?

Reality today:

Given the increase in volume and complexity of data sets, stricter regulatory environment, and increasing sophistication of ransomware, companies in critical industries, such as healthcare or public sector, require a highly secure data storage solution to i) prevent data loss in case of a ransomware attack, and ii) be compliant with data storage regulations in their industry. Also, given the growing need for data processing and storage, which have a material contribution to climate change due to the electricity required to store and archive data, all sectors will need more energy efficient storage solutions to mitigate climate consequences.

FAST LTA's approach:

Through offering their solutions to clients with highly sensitive data (e.g., public sector, healthcare, etc.) Fast LTA ensures strong security against ransomware attacks on data archives and backup protecting sensitive personal data; thereby contributing meaningfully to protecting the fundamental right to data protection (e.g. through WORM technology on controller level). Additionally, Fast LTA’s offering has the potential to contribute to customer energy savings, depending on use case, of more than 70% through technologies such as Air Gap enabling shutting down hardware when data does not need to be accessed.

Aspirational future:

Continue and support the historic growth and success journey of Fast LTA. Continue to be the leading provider for highly secure data storage while exploring adjacent and international growth opportunities.

Who is impacted?

As many companies in critical industries / governmental institutions store highly sensitive data about employees, clients and patients, individuals significantly benefit from increased security of sensitive personal data and reduced risk of falling victim to malicious attempts to access said data.

What are the impact considerations?


Fast LTA clients are companies in critical industries or governmental institutions that work with sensitive data and are therefore often targeted by ransomware attacks - through Fast LTA’s solutions they prevent data losses and business disruptions. Furthermore, they benefit from the replication-based disaster recovery solution allowing them to continue operations even in case of the destruction of the physical server (e.g., flooding in Germany in 2021).


Fast LTA’s strongest USP is data security (no data loss since inception), hence a successful cyberattack on them/a client poses significant impact risk.

SDG alignments:
  • #16.10 (Public access to information and protection of fundamental rights)
  • #13.2 (Climate change measures)