Summa policy

Women in Finance Charter

With a commitment to increasing the proportion of women in leadership positions in the Norwegian finance industry, Summa Equity is a signatory of the Women in Finance Charter.

The four principles


A member of the executive committee to have dedicated responsibility for gender balance and inclusion

Ensure commitment from the organization’s leadership, either the CEO or a person reporting to them


Set internal targets for gender balance in leadership and senior positions

Set concrete and realistic goals, reflecting the size, situation and needs of the organization, as well as initiatives to follow them up


Have an ambition to reflect the achievement of targets in leadership remuneration

Establish a plan for linking the realization of targets to executive compensation


Publish the status of and progress towards targets on own website

Support transparency and commitment by publishing targets, status, and annual progress on own website together with the Women in Finance logo

Summa leadership diversity status and targets

In 2022, Summa’s leadership team had 25% female representation, with ambition to increase female representation to 33% by 2024 and 40% by 2026.

Within the investment team, the female representation in 2022 was 50% female directors and 27% female managers. The ambition is to maintain a level of 40 – 50% female directors and increase to 33% female managers by 2024.