Remuneration policy

In accordance with the Summa Remuneration Policy, all Identified Staff and Investment Professionals are remunerated as employees, with a combination of fixed and Variable Remuneration.

For Summa, sustainability risks and opportunities are naturally integrated into the investment process for all Funds, since Summa’s investment thesis is based on using sustainability factors as a screening tool and, following an investment, using the same as value creation levers.

The policy seeks to ensure that the Identified Staff and Investment Professionals are encouraged to consider the long-term effects of their decisions and avoid taking short-term risks to achieve personal gain. This is, amongst others, achieved by ensuring that the performance assessment for the variable remuneration is based on a longer period. Considering the number of checks and steps implemented to deter Identified Staff and Investment Professionals from excessive risk-taking described in the policy, the prudent balance between fixed and Variable Remuneration and the fact that ESG risk is naturally integrated into Summa’s business ensures the promotion of sound and effective risk management concerning sustainability risks.