The story of Summa Equity

Summa Equity is a purpose-driven, competent and experienced investment team that has come together to invest in companies addressing some of our global social, environmental and business challenges. We contribute to the value creation by securing growth in our companies and superior returns for our investors.


Our way of creating value and prosperity for all

The two words that make up the name Summa Equity are chosen with care. Summa is Latin for a synthesis while the root “sum” also means totality, or for all. Equity means equality, justice or fairness. Together they are a win-win formula creating value and prosperity for our companies, society and other stakeholders.

Meet the Summates

Summa Equity is a dedicated and diverse group of people, united around a purpose, a set of shared values and investment strategies to help growing companies that are part of the solutions, not the problems.


The Summa Principals are experts in industries related to
our investment themes and/or have deep functional competence in areas that are important for the performance of our portfolio companies. They support the Summa team as well as work directly with our portfolio companies to help co-create sustainable superior return through impact.

Board of Directors

Our Board assists us developing and excel, guiding us as we create the new way of investing to solve global challenges.