2020 Highlights

The start of a new year is a wonderful time for reflection, to look at the past, and to imagine adventures for the year ahead. 2020 was a challenging year but also brought us many memorable moments. Here are three of our highlights.

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Summa awarded by Real Deals

In November, Summa was named the Continental Regional Private Equity House of the Year at the Real Deals Private Equity Awards 2020. The award recognizes the overall achievement of buyout houses focused on a particular region of the Continental market in the calendar year of 2019, reflecting success in fundraising, new deals, and exits, as well as the overall evolution of the firm.

We are proud to have been recognized by the industry, and humbled that we have been awarded in a mainstream category for our success in impact investing, said Reynir Indahl, founder, and managing partner at Summa.

Rebecca Hendersons “Reimagining Capitalism” and Norsk Gjenvinning as a case study

In 2020, Rebecca Henderson (John and Natty McArthur University Professor at Harvard University) released her book “Reimagining Capitalism“. The book outlines how capitalism needs to change if we are to build a just and sustainable world, and Rebecca’s message is that businesses can change the world.

It is hope I feel when I read about the times, and there have been many, when citizens, governments, and businesses have worked together to fight impossible odds. It is hope I feel when I realize that, in fact, we can build a profitable, equitable, and sustainable capitalism, said Rebecca, on why she wrote the book.

She uses Norsk Gjenvinning as a case study on how to turn around a business to become sustainable and compliant, and Summa Equity is used as a case study on how to build purpose-driven organizations as a Private Equity firm. The book was is nominated the “Business Book of The Year 2020” by McKinsey and Financial Times. We are honored to be a part of the book!

A new kind of annual investor meeting

At our virtual AIM, we had the honor of having Rebecca as a special guest. Rebecca shared key insights from the book and also discussed with Reynir how capitalism needs to change to build a sustainable world. She also shared her reflections on Summa Equity’s approach and development.

Due to Covid-19, we weren’t able to meet physically. However, we invited to a virtual gathering and we were excited to explore the video format furthermore. The fact that our AIM was made digital, makes it easier for us to collect and preserve all our content. So if you missed it, here’s another chance to see the full interview with Rebecca and Reynir.

Although 2020 has been especially challenging for many of us, we have a lot to be thankful for. Most of all, we are thankful for the support and encouragement, and belief in Summa and our approach.

Happy New Year from the Summates!


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