Streamlined and converged cyber security

Logpoint at a glance

Logpoint is a Cyber Security Operations company, providing data-driven intelligence for security decision making through their SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) platform. Logpoint applies existing technology, security expertise and BCAS (Business Critical Applications Security) domain knowledge to secure digital transformations, threat detection and response for mid/large customers. Logpoint offers European customers a European alternative to US cyber security products and serves over 650+ customers across all industries.

Year acquired



Cyber security


EUR +20 m





Investment themes

Tech-Enabled Transformation

Key developments in 2023

Logpoint development has progressed in line with expectations. Summa invested in Logpoint at the end of Q1. In 2023, the company performed in line with budget on the topline and slightly ahead on the bottom line. Since the investment, Logpoint has transitioned within management, go-to-market strategies, and overall cost awareness, which has been healthy for the company.

What are the challenges Logpoint addresses


days to detect and respond to data breach


vs 5.0m avg. cost for data breach lifecycle of <200 days and >200 days

How does Logpoint help?

Reality today

The global community faces increasing risk of cyberattacks and damage caused by cyber-crime as well as other forms of criminal activities (e.g., extortion, fraud, etc.). Data analysis is highly relevant given large share of crime with digital component (67%) and share of criminal investigations involving digital evidence (85%).


Logpoint helps clients identify compromised IT systems, detect suspicious activity on time, decide on appropriate action swiftly, and gather / analyze data from incidents in the ERP system.

Aspirational future

A world where all governments, critical infrastructure companies, SMEs and large corporation are adequately equipped for resilience and rapid response to cyber­security threats and incidents, and negative impacts on society are minimized.

Who is impacted?

Governments, institutions, and companies are threatened by the increased prevalence and extent of cyber-attacks, leading to significant economic loss to the global community. Cybercrime affects society as many critical services are increasingly relying on information technology.


Logpoint contributes to the prevention of cyber-crime by offering the highest level of SIEM certification. In addition, Logpoint uniquely enables SMEs that are exposed and increasingly vulnerable to implement protection against cyber­attacks, which is important to general cyber security as the coverage of SMEs bolsters security through network effects.


Risks of Logpoint not delivering the desired impact include less usage of the platform, stagnating growth in new customers and technological complications. Logpoint manages sensitive data. As such, data privacy and security are of paramount importance and must be safeguarded.

SDG alignments

SDG 16

KPI reporting

Revenue (EURm)


Change from '22-'23: 18%

Protected nodes (avg. per month)

Target 2028: 1 million

Change from '22-'23: 86%

This KPI measures the monthly average number of network nodes that are monitored using Logpoint’s software.

Clients in critical industries (avg. per month)


Change from '22-'23: 1%

This is the monthly average number of clients in critical industries (e.g. energy, government, healthcare) that are using Logpoint’s solutions.