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LOGEX at a glance

LOGEX is the European leader in advanced analytics for healthcare, serving providers, payors and authorities. The company has the most comprehensive product portfolio in its field in Europe, and the broadest geographical reach. LOGEX has three main business units: Financial analytics (e.g., cost, resource allocation, planning), Outcomes analytics (e.g., healthcare quality outcome measurement and benchmarking) and Life sciences (real world evidence data and analytics).

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Key developments in 2021

Following the large integration effort that was done in 2019 and 2020, the company now has increased clarity on focus and priorities. During 2021, the rollout of the new Financial Analytics platform continued, and the company expanded its Life Science Business. LOGEX accelerated its M&A efforts during 2021, with the acquisition of Assista and COINS, expanding LOGEX' footprint in the UK and German markets respectively. Moreover, the company completed the acquisition of the remaining shares of LOGEX' subsidiary Brightfish (Patient outcomes).

Impact dimensions

The challenges we face

Healthcare systems globally are under pressure from increasing costs, whilst the need to improve quality is continuously increasing. There is a lack of transparency in both outcomes and costs in healthcare, which makes it very difficult to fully comprehend and address these challenges.


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What is the outcome?

LOGEX offers a comprehensive software portfolio to support a holistic approach to healthcare improvement. The company’s advanced analytics tools transform data into actionable insight. This enables stakeholders in the healthcare system to transition towards more qualitycentric and costconscious healthcare through an unprecedented level of insight into performance, outcomes and costs.

Who are the stakeholders?

LOGEX core geographical markets are the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany and the UK. LOGEX' solutions benefit the healthcare system as a whole, including payors, providers and patients.

How big is the effect, and does it last?

Around 700 providers are using LOGEX platform and almost 40 million unique patients have been impacted by insights derived from the Group's analytic tools. LOGEX Group's solutions are supporting around €70bn in healthcare funding decisions annually, demonstrating the effect that LOGEX Group has on its stakeholders.

If LOGEX didn’t exist...

Without LOGEX solutions, healthcare providers would not have the same level of clarity on the relative performance of their operations and data-driven tools allowing them to effectively manage costs and quality of care. This could negatively impact the quality patients receive and thereby lead to suboptimal outcomes in terms of lower quality, higher costs or greater variability.

Impact risk: what can go wrong?

The slow pace of transformation of healthcare systems towards quality-centric care and value-based healthcare presents a potential risk for LOGEX. While there is evidence of a change starting to emerge, we are yet to reach the real inflection point for more rapid change. Another risk LOGEX faces is related to data security and privacy. The company has invested heavily to maintain the highest security standards and has obtained several internationally recognized certifications.

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