Cleanrooms for pharmaceutical and biotech companies

G-CON at a glance

G-CON designs, builds, and installs prefabricated cleanrooms, for pharmabiotech companies. G-CON’s POD product is a “plug-and-play”, fully functional, clean- room with lower total cost of ownership, faster delivery times, and more consistent quality. G-CON acquired Plasteurop to further our footprint into the site installed clean components market providing interior finish features for the life science, semi conductor and battery market expanding our offering and market opportunities.




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Key developments in 2022

G-CON acquired and integrated Plasteurop in 2022, a modular wall panel, ceiling, door, and window manufacturer utilizing fully automated panel manufacturing lines. The company reduced energy consumption at US Site by 11% through smart heating technologies. G-CON Clean Solutions was able to increase proportion of Alu HC vs MW core from 40% to 60% reducing carbon footprint. They also now supply 50% of our steel with decarbonation certificates (XCArb).

The challenges we face


average time from project conception to drug availability on the market


average cost of getting a drug onto the market

Impact dimensions

How does G-CON help?

Reality today

Conventional drug manufacturing facilities and implementation processes are highly customized, inefficient and time and resource intensive causing un­reliable delivery schedules and budgets.

G-CON approach

G-CON’s pre-fabricated standardized cleanroom solutions reduce the engineering design, facility construction, and qualification timelines while providing the highest level of quality, cost and schedule certainty for facility projects.

Aspirational Future

The rapid and reliable deployment of manufacturing capability through industry adoption of standardized pre-fabricated facility solutions significantly improves global patient access to safe, high quality, and cost effective medicines and therapies.

Who is impacted?

Drug developers and manufacturers are impacted directly through more rapid and efficient deployment of cleanroom facilities for providing infrastructure and capabilities to support their critical operations. Patients are impacted through improvement in the industry’s ability to provide broader and more timely access to medicines.

What are the impact considerations?


G-CON’s innovative cleanroom solutions disrupt traditional lengthy and inefficient on-site facility construction approaches, supporting the industry’s efforts to develop, manufacture, and distribute new drugs and therapies more rapidly across the globe.


G-CON’s impact on drug development and manufacturing infrastructure is dependent on 2 key drivers: 1) increased adoption of stand­ardized, pre-fabricated and modular cleanroom solutions and 2) Industry funding and investment in new facility infrastructure to support capacity requirements.

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