Summa has implemented a publicly available whistleblowing channel to ensure that infringement of human rights or damage to people, environment and/or society in our operations or supply chain are reported. This mechanism supports our remediation process and can be used by individuals, workers, communities and/or civil society organizations.

Summa has set up a whistleblower channel through WhistleB for internal and external stakeholder to report objectionable conditions in our organization or among our portfolio companies. Incidents that should be reported include breach of our Code of Conduct, corruption, environmental destruction, and infringement of human and/or labor rights. We encourage all who are aware of possible objectionable conditions to notify through our channel in good faith, so that Summa can deal with the situation or event in a proper manner.

Anonymous complaints are welcome. However, as anonymous complaints are difficult to investigate without compromising the confidentiality of the complaint, we do not encourage anonymous complaints.

Summa has policies and processes in place to make sure the whistleblower is protected against reprisals. By submitting a complaint, you accept that Summa handles the complaint in accordance with the current procedures for handling complaints. Deliberately presented false accusations are considered a breach of the Code of Conduct and will be subject to disciplinary action.

Access the whistleblower channel here.