Norsk Gjenvinning Norway's Smartest Industrial Company

Norsk Gjenvinning has been awarded Norway’s Smartest Industrial Company 2020. According to the panel, Norsk Gjenvinning is a leading star for sustainable solutions and one of the country’s leading players in the circular economy.

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For the seventh year in a row, Siemens AS and Norsk Industri named «Norway’s Smartest Industrial Company». This year, Norsk Gjenvinning was recognized for utilizing advanced technology to sort waste into pure recycled raw materials in the world’s first fully digital sorting line at Haraldrud, Oslo.

– "We are honored, and what makes this extra cool is that not that long ago, Norsk Gjenvinning focused on only collecting and processing waste. We are now a supplier of high-quality input factors to the industry. This is critical to realize our vision that there is no such thing as waste anymore", says production director Adis Cengic.

Green, Lean and Smart

Over the past year, Norsk Gjenvinning has been named “Green Company of the Year” by the City of Oslo, “Norwegian Lean Company of the Year” by Lean Forum Norway, as well as “Norway’s smartest industrial company”.

"The combination of Green, Lean and Smartest Industrial Company is a “kinder egg” for industrial development in the future. When we get these three critical dimensions to work together, we can build real competitiveness for the Norwegian industry. Norsk Gjenvinning achieves this because sustainability has been at the core of our strategy for 8 years. We have set ourselves ambitious goals to develop how sustainability can become competitive, not only for Norsk Gjenvinning, but also for all our customers who we now call partners," says CEO Erik Osmundsen.


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