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We put our capital and resources to work, helping companies that are instrumental to solve global challenges. We turn challenges into business opportunities and allow companies to grow, while building a sustainable future. To us, that’s a true win-win formula.

We contribute to a company's journey by being a connector of ideas, capital, resources, and talent. A journey fueled by a clear purpose and goals that we help reach.

We call this formula Via Summa.


Portfolio Scorecard Elements and Impact dimensions

 At Summa we wish to continually deepen our understanding of impact, improve our management of portfolio value creation and increase the clarity in our communication of outcomes generated by our portfolio companies.

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Investment Theme


Documaster is a Norwegian software company providing digital record management solutions, with core competence on digitalization, information management and cloud-based archiving of valuable data.

Olink Proteomics

Olink Proteomics is a provider of a leading technology for human protein biomarker discovery.


Infobric is a group of software and hardware companies with a purpose to protect workers and assets sustainably


HyTest is a leading producer of antibodies and antigens for the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) industry.

Lakers Group

Lakers Group is the leading independent water pump service company in the Nordic region.


LOGEX Group is the European leader in advanced analytics for healthcare, serving primarily providers, payors and authorities.


Sortera is an fast growing Swedish recycling company, developing the Renovation, Maintenance, and Improvement segments of the market.


EcoOnline is a HSEQ provider of SaaS solutions for chemical
management and occupational safety

Norsk Gjenvinning

Norsk Gjenvinning is Norway’s leading national supplier of waste management and recycling services, and is an enabler of a circular economy.


Milarex is a leading value-added processor of seafood products, providing healthy, high-quality and cost-efficient proteins to the mass consumer.

Egain Group

Egain is a leading Swedish technology company providing energy optimization in residential buildings in Northern Europe.

Lin Education

Lin Education is a leading Swedish provider of solutions for digitizing schools and providing tools and content to improve learning.


Pagero is a Swedish technology company that digitizes the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) process between suppliers and customers to facilitate cost-efficient and compliant transactions.