Olink Proteomics AB announce acquisition of Agrisera AB to accelerate production of dedicated antibodies for development of new immunoassays

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UPPSALA, Sweden, May 12, 2020 – Olink today announced the acquisition of Agrisera AB, a Swedish company specializing in polyclonal and monoclonal antibody production. Agrisera offers an extensive collection of primary and secondary antibodies for a broad range of applications, available in various quantities. The acquisition is an important milestone for Olink in its aim to rapidly increase the number of assays available for its unique PEA technology which allows for an unparalleled multiplexing with rigorous validation for each assay.

Olink has grown very rapidly over the last few years, establishing themselves as world leaders in measuring many proteins simultaneously, supporting the research community in Precision Medicine-related questions like more effective drug development and targeted healthcare. Proteins drive all biological processes in the human body and dynamically reflect health and disease in real-time, showing a enormous promise to unlock critical health-related questions.

Olink’s goal over the next few years is to cover all relevant proteins and protein pathways in blood. The Agrisera pipeline has consistently shown to produce binders of very high quality. These antibodies form an integral part of Olink’s products, enabling the development of highly sensitive and specific immunoassays. The acquisition ensures supply and ownership for Olink, while also resulting in a favorable cost-profile for Olink’s customers.  


This acquisition represents a true milestone for Olink, allowing us to rapidly increase the pace of the growth of our library of highly validated and precise protein-assays and develop the new products our customers are looking for. We are taking the great relationship we have developed with Agrisera over the years to the next level”, 

Jon Heimer,
CEO of Olink Proteomics.  


“This is a great opportunity for Agrisera and we are very happy to be part of the Olink team, facilitating the Olink mission with our world class high-throughput antibody development capabilities. We are sure that Agrisera, as well as our partners and current customer base, will benefit from the strength of our new owner”,

Erika Gelfgren,
CEO of Agrisera AB.  


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