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Pure-play financial transaction insight engine

Intix at a glance

Intix is a leading pure-play financial transaction insight engine. The engine enables financial institutions to view transaction data in a unified visual interface and helps to identify transaction irregularities. This reduces manual work, resulting in billions saved for financial institutions each year, and faster time to action. Through its engine, Intix will contribute to a safer, more transparent, and more inclusive financial system, helping reduce illicit financial flows, corruption, and financial inequalities.

Year acquired
EUR 6m
Investment themes
Tech-Enabled Transformation

What are the challenges Intix addresses

  • USD 2tn

    money laundered globally

  • Up to USD 281bn

    laundered from environmental crime annually

Key developments in 2023

2023 further strengthened Intix from a recruitment perspective with a new Executive Chairman, CEO and CTO, as well as commercial and technical aspects. The go-to-market strategy was reviewed, and Intix continued its traction with existing customers, with ~116% Net Revenue Retention (“NRR”) and new customers in the pipeline. A new partnership with FIS, a global Fintech leader, was signed, focusing on bringing Intix’ technology on indexing, archiving, cross­component search, real-time channel access and reporting to FIS’ over >220k customers.

Impact dimensions

How does Intix help?

Reality today

Illicit financial flows undermine political and economic security around the world. Banks often utilize manual processes and/or software with low scalability to detect and hinder fraud and remain compliant, raising the costs and effort required while and making it easier to make fraudulent transactions.

Intix approach

Intix transaction monitoring tools help financial institutions view archived and indexed transaction data and monitor and track transactions to detect discrepancies and raise alerts in real time.

Intix’ solution enables financial institutions to detect and hinder fraudulent transactions and money laundering performed by criminal actors and authoritarian governments.

Aspirational future

A compliant, secure, and globally accessible banking and payment structure to ensure financial stability and prosperity. One which is free from illicit financial flows, thereby hindering authoritarian governments and criminal actors to launder money and perform fraudulent transactions.

Who is impacted?

Society benefits as illicit financial activity is reduced and the cost and speed to regulatory compliance gets lower. Their solutions hinders fraudulent transactions and money laundering performed by criminal actors and authoritarian governments. Additionally, banks can use Intix technology to improve internal financial controls, and trace payment flows, raising trust in regulators, customers, and depositors.


Intix contributes to decreasing fraudulent transactions and money laundering by enabling financial institutions to track millions of transactions daily and detect irregularities.


Technological efficiency risk and scaling globally.

SDG alignments

  • Economic growth
  • Reduced inequalities
  • Peace and justice

KPI reporting

Revenue (EURm)

Change from '22-'23: 9%


Total searchable entries

Target 2029: 20bn

Change from '22-'23: 33%


The overall count of data points that can be viewed and analyzed using Intix’s Transaction Analytics Platform leading to less fraud / leading to fraudulent transactions being detected.