Resource Efficiency

Resource Efficiency: Don't waste the future

Within Resource Efficiency, Summa focuses on five segments that help solve the world’s resource efficiency problems: Aquaculture and agritech, recycling, circular economy, energy efficiency, and water treatment and infrastructure.

All five of these tackle different problems that need to be solved, including the need for sustainable food production, more efficient handling of waste and reduction of CO 2 emissions.

Impacted SDGs

Key megatrends

Resource scarcity

Population growth

Energy transition & climate change

We are facing an existential environmental crisis…


Climate action failure

0.5 - 0.7 bn People living in areas under water by 2100 without further action


Natural resource crisis

3 million km² of tropical forest (size of India) lost by 2050

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Biodiversity loss

28% of animal species at risk of extinction in the next 50 years

Resource efficiency sees opportunities across most of human activity…


1 Circularity & waste


2 Green mobility


3 Healthy low-carbon diets


4 Sustainable industry


5 Net zero energy

Waste management

Recycling of materials

Circular products

Sustainable packaging

Water treatment

Alternative biomass use

Electrification power of power trains

Low carbon shipping and aviation

Next-gen batteries and fuel cells

Energy infrastructure and services

Shared mobility


New farming methods

Crop preservation

Food waste reduction

Sustainable and healthy foods

Green materials

Energy efficiency

Sustainable buildings

Carbon capture,
utilisation and storage

Natural capital & offsets


Hydrogen / green fuels

Distributed energy


Energy storage

Smart grid