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Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy in healthcare is in itself centered around three universal challenges; cost, quality and unmet patient needs, where society’s failure to solve them leads to a  development of an unsustainable global healthcare system.

With these challenges as a starting point, we look for companies  and market niches where solutions are developed that have the potential to move the system in a positive direction globally. We are driven by the themes in healthcare that can make significant contributions to healthcare systems over a long period of time.

We refer to this investment strategy as “The Future of  Healthcare” where we have defined specific themes that  represent solutions to the challenges, to focus our efforts

illustrated in the chart below. These themes cut across products and services.

We believe that developing leading expertise along these themes will be key to Summa’s long-term success and  ability to support our investments, and therefore we invest  significant resources in building that competence base.



Future of Healthcare

Universal challenges in healthcare


Rising healthcare costs

Healthcare expenditure outgrows GDP at unsustainable rates worldwide. 30%+ of expenditure estimated to be waste in the system.


Variable quality of care

Treatment outcomes vary significantly between countries and among providers in a country. This is a driver of waste in the system as it leads to over-production of care.


Unmet patient needs

There is a lack of appropriate therapeutic and diagnostic solutions for a number of clinical needs areas. Universal barriers to healthcare access include cost, availability and capacity in healthcare systems.

Solutions shaping the future of healthcare

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Omics (Genomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics etc.)

The study of omics will advance our understanding of human biology and disease. This enables scientific advances for new treatments and diagnostic applications.

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Synthetic biology

Design and production of biological compounds, and interacting with human biology on the molecular scale. Drives new types of more effective treatment and diagnostic tools

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Data and digital in healthcare

Vast amounts of data is generated across the healthcare system. Significant value can be unlocked by collecting and structuring data in a way for better insights.

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New delivery models

Organizing and developing new ways to offer care needs to evolve with new technologies and treatments. This evolution can make healthcare more accessible and affordable.

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Tommi Unkuri

In the early days of my business degree, I always regretted not studying medicine instead. I did not have the guts to change and follow my heart. Since then I changed my strategy to focus on the things that inspire me and that I think are really important. The strategy we deploy in healthcare at Summa makes me hope for the future. Now more than ever, we need our healthcare systems to be resilient and provide better health at a sustainable cost. Investing in companies that can help nudge our healthcare systems in the right direction is a humbling and inspiring task.




  • — We want to invest in businesses that create an impact in healthcare. Furthering our understanding of biology, creating tools to drive better outcomes or better decision making, and finding better ways to deliver health are important things.
  • — The world has seen its first global health crisis in modern times. It caught most of us off guard, and everyone has been affected in some way. How will our societies and health systems adapt, and how do we move forward knowing that this will not be the last time? These are big questions and answers are complex. However, I do know we need better solutions for individual and public health, and systems that are more resilient.
  • — System change is required to have more sustainable health systems. Healthcare needs to become more predictive, preventive, and personalised.
  • — The fundamentals are what drive us. We believe in people, in technology and in ideas. Our job is to enable those with the right solutions to scale and succeed. Simple as that.
  • — Our team gets energy when we work with businesses that are fuelled by innovation, and that can drive new solutions at scale. The people that work with me know that my job is my hobby. I take this very seriously, but I am bent on having fun whilst doing this as well.
  • —Our job is about collaboration and the enablement of people. Win-win is the only way to succeed over the long term.
  • — The businesses that I have worked with that have become really successful all had true innovation as a basis for their success, and they had a plan that they pursued relentlessly. Their organisations were on a clear mission.
  • — I’m glad that we are able to focus on companies that are driving important innovation in healthcare. This is a luxury.

Read more about Tommi here.