Every challenge is an opportunity

The world is developing rapidly. This poses new social and environmental challenges. By investing in companies that actively work to solve these challenges, creating a prosperous society for everyone, Summa is part of the solution.


UN Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are rooted in problems that need solutions. Our companies are solution providers. They are aligned with the SDGs and we track how successful they are in fulfilling their purposes.

17 Goals to Transform Our World

Some of our greatest global challenges provide us with some of the most appealing investment opportunities. As such, we at Summa focus on some of the key trends to help inform our investment strategy. They form the basis of our chosen investment themes. The SDGs and associated megatrends also help us pinpoint the specific areas…

The challenges

Our three investment themes have tailwind from megatrends such as global population growth, resource scarcity, ageing population, energy transition, and innovation.

Resource efficiency

As the global population grows and our shared resources are depleted, business opportunities arise for companies that optimize the use of natural resources.

Changing demographics

Society is changing. An ageing population, increasing health needs, urbanization and migration create new challenges and opportunities.

Technology-enabled businesses

Technology, big data, artificial intelligence, and digitization hold the key to better and more efficient ways to solve our challenges.